16 World Record Holding Freedive Champion Moves to Cozumel

Cuban Born Deborah Andollo, holder of 16 world apnea records, including one in both the masculine and feminine categories, has recently relocated to Cozumel and opened up a freediving academy. Academia Blue Yemaya is the first SSI facility in Latin America. 

Deborah, who has an amazing 6 liter lung capacity, teaches breathing techniques, relaxation, and even meditation to safely practice the sport. She speaks 4 languages, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Her husband, Eric Testi, is from Luxemburg, also speaks 4 languages and oversees the operation of the Academy.

Academia Blue Yemaya offers classes in Freediving 1 & 2, including academic, confined and oper water training. For more information, check out, http://www.academiablueyemaya.com/