Beaches to see in Cozumel

Since Cozumel is an island…with so many beaches? Where should you go? What should you really see?

If you love wildlife and beautiful beaches, rent a car and definitely go to Punta Sur on the other side of the island.  This day trip is one of my favorite things to do and I always come back with literally hundreds of incredible photos. 

Here is a video that I took of a saltwater crocodile at the lookout tower town the Punta Sur Lighthouse road.  You walk down this long boardwalk and come to a platform that overlooks the mangroves. The photo below was taken from the viewing tower that you can climb up.  To the right of the walkway towards the ocean, you can just barely see a Mayan ruin that you can stop at as well.  And oh yeah…if it’s windy, you can feel the lookout tower move.  Beautiful view from the top though!

Down that same road, past the lookout tower, my sister in law Cindy, filmed this awesome video of something swimming in the surf.  We later found out that they may be trigger fish or even young swordfish.  It is still a great mystery and if anyone knows what these guys are, please let me know!

Along the way, you’ll come to the lighthouse.  If you’re comfortable in small spaces and walking up steps, go for it!  Climb to the top of the lighthouse and don’t forget your camera.  Honestly, the best view on the island (Prima’s Trattoria and parasailing rank up there too).   I love this picture I took from the top of the lighthouse.  The colors were AMAZING!

Punta Sur lighthouse view Aug. 2009

At the end of the road is the finale.  There is a beach unlike no other in Cozumel and the name says it all.  “The Most Beautiful Beach” in Cozumel lies here.  With rows of hammocks, powdery white sand and beautiful water inset in a cove, it’s heavenly.  I highly recommend stopping here, having a refreshment or two and enjoying this little slice of heaven.  If you like crowds, come on Sunday (the locals head to the other side of the island on this day).  I took this picture in August 2009 and I still use this as a screensaver on my computer.  If you notice, there’s very little wave activity because of where the beach is located in the inlet.  The water is so warm, the sand so soft….

Here’s another great photo of The Most Beautiful Beach. (taken by my sis-in-law Cindy)