New Improvements to Casa Cascada!

Well, my husband and I spent one month on the island of Cozumel and spent 3 of those 4 weeks sprucing up Casa Cascada.

These are just a few things that we worked on…

New landscaping around the pool
New landscaping in the Fishbowl garden
New landscaping in the main garden and the exterior wall
New grass in the main yard
Pressure washed (and scrubbed) the pool deck and walkway
New solar lights in the gardens and the party deck
Re-Stained and sealed the exterior wall front door, garage door and front door to the house
Touch up painted inside and out
Painted the security bars downstairs
A multitude of minor (but annoying) fixes that had been overlooked (replacing a broken lamp, new toilet seats, unplugged the rain shower heads, etc)

We also had a LONG and difficult discussion with our property management company.  The house just wasn’t up to our standards when we arrived and it literally took us 3 weeks of running around scrambling to get the house back to how WE wanted it.  Now, we have a NEW POOL COMPANY and a NEW GARDENER!!  Needless to say, this was a big learning experience for us.

Also, there is a new great restaurant right across the street, El Cocktelito.  They have the best ceviche (and cold beer).  In fact, I think I had ceviche 3-4 times a week since we would stumble over there after long days of working on the house.  Oh, and the few times we couldn’t even drag ourselves across the street, they delivered!

Hope you like the improvements!  We have plans to stay for a month next year and we plan to add the roof (and lighting) to the party deck and do a few other large improvements.